San Diego Padres Looking for a Warm Body in Winter


Major league veteran Jhoulys Chacin appears headed to the San Diego Padres,as long as all goes well with his physical.  Chacin is reportedly signing up for a one year stint with the Friars.  In 2016, Chacin finished strong for the Angels but was used as both a starter and middle reliever (in his final 40 innings he averaged approximately a 2 ERA and an almost 4 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio) which likely had a positive effect on this sample.  Even though he finished strong, Chacin ended up averaging approximately two strikeouts for each walk (119 – 55), a 4.81 ERA/4.01 FIP, and a 1.44 WHIP in 144 innings during the entirety of 2016.

Clearly, the Padres are hoping for a lottery ticket; an asset that can be quickly traded for a useful piece in the coming seasons.  I take large sample sizes more seriously than cherry picking segments of a season, even if the segment in question is the most recent data.  When I asked my magic eight ball what to expect from Chacin in 2017, it said, “Future too hazy, ask again later.”  I feel similarly but I would expect an outcome that more strongly resembles Chacin’s entire 2016 line rather than the mini-renaissance he displayed from late August until the end of the season.

The Padres don’t have many big league starters for 2017.  Their underwhelming cast of options currently includes: Paul Clemens, Jarred Cosart, Christian Friedrich, Luis Perdomo, and Cesar Vargas in addition to newly arrived/freshly waived Mariner, Zach Lee.  2016 Padres’ inning eaters Edwin Jackson and Clayton Richard are both free agents and Colin Rea is out for 2017 after Tommy John surgery.  Luckily, the Padres appear to have a decent bullpen but probably not decent enough or deep enough to handle the workload coming their way in 2017.  Jhoulys Chacin on a one year deal can’t hurt as long as the money isn’t crazy.  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the slow and painful tanking of the rebuilding San Diego Padres baseball team.



2 thoughts on “San Diego Padres Looking for a Warm Body in Winter

  1. gloccamorra says:

    No comments? I’ll just say the “tank” won’t be long or slow. The position players being brought up/already brought up from the championship El Paso Triple-A team are talented and have high upsides, even if most casual fans and no small number of should-know-better internet analysts don’t know them.

    That’s the core of their future championship team, brought up to play and develop together. They have hitting, power, speed, and defense that as a group is pretty impressive now, and will be moreso with major league experience. The pitching is spotty, but if they were “name” pitchers with the same talent, nobody would be making a stink about it.

    Every year, a lightly regarded team makes a splash. The Padres are candidates in 2017, maybe not right out of Opening Day, but by mid-season, this could be a surprise team for many who didn’t bother to look into how talented the unknowns are.

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    • underthoughtsite says:

      I agree that the farm has some impressive pieces on offense. Looking forward to the day they let the young guys up and let them loose in the bigs. I just hope the young pitching develops quickly or ownership is willing to invest in some big league arms. I am definitely more hopeful about 2018 but would love to see the timeline speed up and 2017 becomes the breakout.


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