KISS – 2nd Generation

I am a huge KISS fan.  I own all of their CDs (even the multiple rehashed hits, live, etc… releases), read all of their autobiographies, and dressed up as KISS back in grade school (proof).  Through the years, KISS may have slipped out of regular rotation, however, when a song came on my ipod’s shuffle, you could be sure I didn’t skip it.

Recently, my three year old daughter, two year old son, and I went to the public library.  We were looking through the Scooby Doo DVDs when my daughter found Scooby Doo Meets KISS and was mesmerized.  She could not get her head around who these four guys in make up were and immediately wanted to go home to watch the DVD.  She and my son were both hooked immediately.

I thought their obsession with KISS would end when the DVD was returned to the library.  Nope!  We have taken this DVD out approximately five more times in the past few weeks and each time it goes back and they realize it, we have to run out and get it again.  The songs the band sings in the DVD have taken the place of Dora the Explorer’s theme song, Tic Toc Croc (Jake and the Neverland Pirates), and all the other kiddie tunes.  There are still requests for The Ramones’ cover of Spiderman or Vampire Weekend’s Cousins, but it has pretty consistently been I Was Made for Loving You, Shout It Out Loud, and Rock n Roll All Nite.  Talk To Me, Detroit Rock City, and Crazy Nights are close seconds.

Even when the music isn’t on, the songs are on the minds of my kids.  Jumping on the bed, swimming in the pool, brushing teeth, a sing along to one of the old KISS standards is just moments from breaking out.  Here’s the latest example: KISS

I love it, my wife?  Not so much :mom – not a fan

The funniest part about this was when we were at my parents’ house and my daughter found my old blacklight KISS banner with the four faces (Dynasty album cover).  She insisted on taking it back to our house.  She has plans of hanging it up in her room but something about a three year old with a KISS blacklight banner hanging in her pink, purple, and yellow kiddie room is even too much for me.

2nd generation KISS!





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